Save 35% on Customizable American Airlines Merchandise

Happy International Flight Attendant Day! We’re excited to celebrate this special occasion with all of our American Airlines cabin crew customers. To show our appreciation, we’re offering a special promotion: 35% off on all purchases over $50. As you know, we offer a range of high-quality American Airlines merchandise that is perfect for flight attendants […]

How to become Flight Attendant in United States

Are you looking for a job as a Flight Attendant to become Flight Attendant? The average pay for a Flight Attendant can vary based on the airline you work for and your flying hours. A few major US airlines are known for their long-haul flights, but there are also many national carriers that offer short-haul […]

Flight Attendant Salary Per Month In United States [Updated]

As with most jobs, the flight attendant salary in 2023 depends on a number of factors including years of experience and level of seniority. However, most airlines also pay their Flight Attendants bonuses, commissions and profit sharing as additional forms of pay. Per Diem Layover Allowances are another great way to increase your salary. This […]


Personalized American Airlines Cabin Crew Gifts

Find the perfect gift for American Airlines cabin crew members at Cabin Crew Shop. Personalized phone cases, Airpods cases, tumblers and more. Show appreciation for their hard work with a unique gift. Browse our selection now and find the perfect gift for your favorite American Airlines crew member

Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment 2022

Male/Female Singapore Airlines cabin crew in Singapore, Japan, China, and Thailand. So, do you want to work as a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines? Then go no farther than this page for the most recent job openings for Singapore cabin crew in 2022. As a result, only eligible individuals will be able to apply for […]

Perfect Flight Attendants Gift in 2023

Flight attendants have very hectic lifestyles, which have only become busier and more stressful with the COVID-19 epidemic. If you have a friend or family in the aviation sector, why not give them something from this list to brighten their day? Imagine having to deal with fussy passengers, impatient teens, loud kids, and selfish fools […]

50 Super Tips for Becoming a Flight Attendant

You decided you want to be a Flight Attendant. That’s great! What comes next? You will start researching companies that (still) hire, you will fill in online applications, browse recruitment events in your city, read about introductions, assessments, tasks, questions and maybe answers. There’s a lot of information out there. What does it really take […]

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